KooGa Headband

KooGa Headband
KooGa Headband
Item #: 22072
When KooGa designed this piece as a lightweight scrummaging piece, they had no idea it would become so popular as an earwarmer as well! Made of Aeroprene, it is exeptionally soft and comfortable. With Aeroprene, excess heat and perspiration are wicked off, keeping you dry and warm. In the scrum, it protects the ears and head from the abrasions commonly associated with second rows and eights. Wear it on the field, or off!

NOTE: Since this piece is beneath .5 cm in thickness, it does not require IRB approval. It is perfectly legal for on field play. One size fits all.
"Your protection equipment is so good that I keep getting ripped off at each tournament!! It has saved my upper..."
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